Day: 15 February 2016

Men dancing (?) tango with each other in Buenos Aires – date?

Ray Batchelor writes [and adds, 15 01 2020 – see below]: “Downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. Beyond believing what most sources indicate – that these are men, that they are dancing (or practicing, or posing) with each other in a street in Buenos Aires at some time in the 20th century,

Brigitta Winkler and Agelika Fischer dance tango in the 1980s

Ray Batchelor writes: “Downloaded from a Facebook posting by Bruce Stratton, posted on 18th June 2015. Next to the image, Brigitta Winkler has written: “this is a picture from myself and my grande looking girlfriend angelika in the good old tango days of the 80 ties ….I found it today