Month: February 2016

1920s Uruguay. Men dancing tango.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: “Courtesy of Eduard Moreira, according to which, his grandfather is dancing with fellows in either the Department of San José or Canelones. Cortesía de Edward Moreira, según el cual, en la foto se encuentra su abuelo bailando con compañeros en el departamento de San José o Canelones.

1890s Soldados bailando en la fortaleza del cerro de Montevideo.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: 52 “Circa 1890 – 1905, Montevideo. Reservists or soldiers dancing tango on one side of the Fortress of the Cerro de Montevideo. Grisel Alassio Collection. When we founded the group Tango Queer Uruguay in 2010 we decided to find photos of old tango where at least appears

Five couples of men posing, Argentina, 1940s or 1950s?

Ray Batchelor writes: “From ‘En Ojo con Dientes’ to publicise the 4th Internartional Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires in 2010 – ‘Buenos Aires se prepara para la IV edición del festival de tango homosexual’ In Cultura, Noticias, Sociedad on 21 noviembre, 2010 at 15:26 I am grateful to Birthe

Men dancing with each other on a beach with accordion player

Ray Batchelor writes: “From Johan Dijkink’s Pinterest Board ‘Men and Tango’ Yet is it tango? From a silent unmarked photo – c1930 from the wide trousers – cannot tell us, although a piano accordion would make a good substitute for a bandoneón.” What do you belive the copyright status of

Arturo de Navas(?) dancing with another man, Buenos Aires, 1903

Ray Batchelor revised this on 23 November 2018: This detail of the magazine page (the text is chopped off) was downloaded in 2016 from the website of Tangology 101, where this caption accompanies it: “1903 – El Tango Criollo In 1903, the Buenos Aires publication Caras y Caretas published the

Men dancing (?) tango with each other in Buenos Aires – date?

Ray Batchelor writes [and adds, 15 01 2020 – see below]: “Downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. Beyond believing what most sources indicate – that these are men, that they are dancing (or practicing, or posing) with each other in a street in Buenos Aires at some time in the 20th century,

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