Women couple(s)

Woman Dance Teacher’s Business Card, Barcelona, 1920s

I am indebted to Thomas Keenes for drawing my attention to this striking image. Thomas with Simon Haddock – both London-based – run a well-respected tango discussion forum on Facebook, “The Tango Social Revolutiion“. It is a business card for a woman teacher of “Bailes Modernos de Salón” which includes

Film clip, “Indochine” 1992, Catherine Deneuve and Linh Dan Pham

000085 “According to the text accompanying the clip on YouTube: “Catherine Deneuve with Linh Dan Pham, in Indochine (Oscar, Best Foreign Film, 1992) – a story that chronicles the separation between a wealthy French landowner (Catherine Deneuve) and her adopted daughter (Linh Dan Pham) which intertwines with France’s loss of

Sem Caricature 1913: Madame d’Artex dancing with Lise Radoline

Ray Batchelor writes: “The caricaturist, Georges Gousat, better known as “Sem”, was famous for savagely satirising French society. In 1913, he published Tangoville sur Mer, a book of cartoons based on what he saw (or what he imagined) while on a trip to the fashionable resort at Deauville. In among

Women Tango Couple Postcards by Suzanne Meunier, c1917

Ray Batchelor writes: “At the source of this image it says: “Women in various Tango postures.  A postcard set by Suzanne Meunier, around 1930.” I am going to guess at some date between 1915-1919. I can only find an image like this of the whole set online, not the individual

Shanghai Calendar girls 1930s

Ray Batchelor writes: “Taken from an article by Walter Nelson and used by him as evidence of historical same sex dancing. http://www.walternelson.com/dr/same-sex-dance No source is given by Nelson for the image so it is impossible to say which dance they are dancing. It could be tango. Andrew David Field writing

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