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Women Tango Couple Postcards by Suzanne Meunier, c1917

Ray Batchelor writes: “At the source of this image it says: “Women in various Tango postures.  A postcard set by Suzanne Meunier, around 1930.” I am going to guess at some date between 1915-1919. I can only find an image like this of the whole set online, not the individual

Scènes de la vie à bord, late 19th, early 20th cent?

Ray Batchelor writes: “From the website of Marseillestango.fr a page devoted to “Le Tango, à l’origine, se dansait-il entre hommes ?” Once again, the reason for offering this image in this context is not that we can prove they are dancing tango, but that the image is used in the

En el cabaret, by Fabius Lorenzi 1920s (?)

Ray Batchelor writes: “From Spanish website http://www.esto.es/tango/espanol/Ellas.htm  text by J. Alberto Mariñas. The artist Fabius Lorenzi (1880-1969) specialised in fashionable illustrations of a sexually adventurous, Parisian demi-monde, including – depending on how you look at them – representations of women enjoying autonomous sexual relations with men, to which this image

Tango Postcard 1920s (?)

Ray Batchelor writes: “The artwork for this postcard is signed by Luiz Usabal Y Hernandez. It is taken from the Wikipedia entry for “Queer Tango” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queer_Tango  (accessed 29 March 2016) which includes this quotation from J. Alberto Mariñas: "The origin of those images, like the origin of the enthronement of

Tango on the Beach, Atlantic City, N.J. c1910-1917

Gonzalo Collazo writes: “Picture postcard of ‘Tango on the beach’ in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from circa 1910-17 Photo: LCDM Universal History Archive/Getty Images http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/letters/8621333/Postcards-were-also-the-emails-of-their-day.html ” What do you belive the copyright status of this image to be? Gonzalo Collazo believes: “The image is out of copyright.” The image url:

A postcard by Tuck showing a tango couple of two women, c 1913?

Ray Batchelor writes: “The artwork is signed by Luiz Usabal Y Hernandez. This image came from a Roumanian tango website: http://tango-timisoara.blogspot.co.uk/2012_06_01_archive.html Rasfoiesc internetul in cautarea unui raspuns si a mai multor variante/opinii legate de "femeile sa conduca in Tango" Parerile sunt variate, cele mai multe tin de eticheta in dans

Yet another in a French postcard series showing a couple of two women, c1913?

  Ray Batchelor writes: “I know nothing reliable about this image. I found it on a Finnish tango website : http://argentiinalainentango.ning.com/profiles/blogs/vilkas-tangotorstai-tulossa It says nothing about the image at all. It probably makes more sense considered as part of the postcard series to which it undoubtedly belongs – but I am

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