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French Sheet Music, 1913 – A Woman Leading a Man?

A Woman Leading a Man? French Sheet Music, 1913. Ray Batchelor writes: Commercial imagery of women leading other women is commonplace. Commercial Imagery of women leading men is rare, indeed, to date (2 October 2018) this is the only example I have found. This is an illustration taken from French

Film clip: Men Dancing Tango Together, Uruguay, 1928

This clip is taken from a longer film found on YouTube: …called “Inéditos ♯8”, that is, number eight in a series of similar films also posted on YouTube. Under this one it reads: “Published on Feb 4, 2014 Ciclo &”cineastas del domingo”: pelicula de cowboys, hecha sobre los años 50

Popeye [almost] Tangos with Bluto, 1934 [still taken from cartoon]

Ray Batchelor writes: “Still taken from “Popeye The Sailor Man-Episode No.016 (The Dance Contest) (1934)” found on YouTube, 19th January 2017. Men can dance with each other – as long as long they fight! Popeye tangos with Bluto, 1934 [link to their dance – below] I am researching a paper

Men, some in tango poses, Serres, Macedonia, 1918; or after 1923…

Ray Batchelor writes: “At the source for this mage I found this: Γύρω στο 1918 πρόβα Σερραίων στα ταγκό της εποχής. Titre alternatif People fro Serres practicing tango Histoire Γύρω στο 1918 πρόβα Σερραίων στα ταγκό της εποχής. Τοποθεσία «Κιόσκια» ή κατ’ άλλους, Μπέη Μπαξέ. Προσφορά Φοίβου Τουντζή.Το υλικό αυτό

Film clip, “Indochine” 1992, Catherine Deneuve and Linh Dan Pham

000085 “According to the text accompanying the clip on YouTube: “Catherine Deneuve with Linh Dan Pham, in Indochine (Oscar, Best Foreign Film, 1992) – a story that chronicles the separation between a wealthy French landowner (Catherine Deneuve) and her adopted daughter (Linh Dan Pham) which intertwines with France’s loss of

Laurel & Hardy Dance Tango in a Movie, 1937

Ray Batchelor writes: “A clip from the 1937 Laurel and Hardy movie, “Way Out West” in which the Avalon Boys sing “At the Ball, That’s All”. This is the link to clip – be patient… One comment left on YouTube (link below) says “August 29th 2016 is the 100th

The Addams Family’s Gomez and Lurch Tango Lesson, US TV, c1965

Ray Batchelor writes: “According to Wikipedia, The Addams Family began as a strip cartoon by Charles Addams in 1938, graduating(?) to TV for two series between 1964 and 1966. It strikes me as interesting that – on present showing – there seem to be far more cartoons and comic images

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