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Woman Dance Teacher’s Business Card, Barcelona, 1920s

I am indebted to Thomas Keenes for drawing my attention to this striking image. Thomas with Simon Haddock – both London-based – run a well-respected tango discussion forum on Facebook, “The Tango Social Revolutiion“. It is a business card for a woman teacher of “Bailes Modernos de Salón” which includes

Shanghai Calendar Girls, late 1920s?

Ray Batchelor writes: “Taken from an article by Walter Nelson and used by him as evidence of historical same sex dancing. http://www.walternelson.com/dr/same-sex-dance No source is given by Nelson for the image so it is impossible to say which dance they are dancing. It could be tango. Andrew David Field writing

Tango Postcard 1920s (?)

Ray Batchelor writes: “The artwork for this postcard is signed by Luiz Usabal Y Hernandez. It is taken from the Wikipedia entry for “Queer Tango” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queer_Tango  (accessed 29 March 2016) which includes this quotation from J. Alberto Mariñas: "The origin of those images, like the origin of the enthronement of

1920s Uruguay. Men dancing tango.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: “Courtesy of Eduard Moreira, according to which, his grandfather is dancing with fellows in either the Department of San José or Canelones. Cortesía de Edward Moreira, según el cual, en la foto se encuentra su abuelo bailando con compañeros en el departamento de San José o Canelones.

Men dancing (?) tango with each other in Buenos Aires – date?

Ray Batchelor writes [and adds, 15 01 2020 – see below]: “Downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. Beyond believing what most sources indicate – that these are men, that they are dancing (or practicing, or posing) with each other in a street in Buenos Aires at some time in the 20th century,