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French Sheet Music, 1913 – A Woman Leading a Man?

A Woman Leading a Man? French Sheet Music, 1913. Ray Batchelor writes: Commercial imagery of women leading other women is commonplace. Commercial Imagery of women leading men is rare, indeed, to date (2 October 2018) this is the only example I have found. This is an illustration taken from French

Laurel & Hardy Dance Tango in a Movie, 1937

Ray Batchelor writes: “A clip from the 1937 Laurel and Hardy movie, “Way Out West” in which the Avalon Boys sing “At the Ball, That’s All”. This is the link to clip – be patient… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAmb4dVJAmU One comment left on YouTube (link below) says “August 29th 2016 is the 100th

A woman teaching women, 1912: En Paris, gente de rang ova a la “academia de tango”

Ray Batchelor writes: “I KNOW nothing, but the information surrounding it suggests Paris, 1912. I find this interesting because it shows women supporting each other and acquiring tango skills – albeit that in this image, one of the women may have been being paid. http://www.todotango.com/english/history/chronicle/76/Tango-success/” What do you believe the

A postcard by Tuck showing a tango couple of two women, c 1913?

Ray Batchelor writes: “The artwork is signed by Luiz Usabal Y Hernandez. This image came from a Roumanian tango website: http://tango-timisoara.blogspot.co.uk/2012_06_01_archive.html Rasfoiesc internetul in cautarea unui raspuns si a mai multor variante/opinii legate de "femeile sa conduca in Tango" Parerile sunt variate, cele mai multe tin de eticheta in dans

Yet another in a French postcard series showing a couple of two women, c1913?

  Ray Batchelor writes: “I know nothing reliable about this image. I found it on a Finnish tango website : http://argentiinalainentango.ning.com/profiles/blogs/vilkas-tangotorstai-tulossa It says nothing about the image at all. It probably makes more sense considered as part of the postcard series to which it undoubtedly belongs – but I am

Ève Lavallière and Andrée Spinelly in tango pose, Paris 1913

Ray Batchelor writes: “I have this information from the source: Titre : Mr et Mme Richepin, Spinelly et Lavallière [les deux femmes dansant le tango] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol] Auteur : Agence Rol. Agence photographique Date d’édition : 1913 Sujet : Richepin, Jean (1849-1926) — Résidences et