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French Sheet Music, 1913 – A Woman Leading a Man?

A Woman Leading a Man? French Sheet Music, 1913. Ray Batchelor writes: Commercial imagery of women leading other women is commonplace. Commercial Imagery of women leading men is rare, indeed, to date (2 October 2018) this is the only example I have found. This is an illustration taken from French

Woman teaching tango to women, Paris, 1911

Ray Batchelor writes: This is a page of the Magazine “Femina” November 1911 reproduced on the website “Une Histoire du Tango” created by Dominique Lescarret and was originally published in the French magazine “Femina” in November 1911.   The text there reads: Premier article évoquant le Tango : 1er novembre

Women Tango Couple Postcards by Suzanne Meunier, c1917

Ray Batchelor writes: “At the source of this image it says: “Women in various Tango postures.  A postcard set by Suzanne Meunier, around 1930.” I am going to guess at some date between 1915-1919. I can only find an image like this of the whole set online, not the individual

A woman teaching women, 1912: En Paris, gente de rang ova a la “academia de tango”

Ray Batchelor writes: “I KNOW nothing, but the information surrounding it suggests Paris, 1912. I find this interesting because it shows women supporting each other and acquiring tango skills – albeit that in this image, one of the women may have been being paid. http://www.todotango.com/english/history/chronicle/76/Tango-success/” What do you believe the

Sheet Music: Maurice Chevalier dancing tango with another man, Paris 1913

Ray Batchelor writes: Cover of sheet music,  The Penultimate Tango or The Dingo Tango L’avant dernier tango – The Penultimate Tango A young (25?) Maurice Chevalier towers over and leads music hall and film star, Félicien Tramel, while Rollin – should that be Polin? Certainly the stage persona of Pierre-Paul

En el cabaret, by Fabius Lorenzi 1920s (?)

Ray Batchelor writes: “From Spanish website http://www.esto.es/tango/espanol/Ellas.htm  text by J. Alberto Mariñas. The artist Fabius Lorenzi (1880-1969) specialised in fashionable illustrations of a sexually adventurous, Parisian demi-monde, including – depending on how you look at them – representations of women enjoying autonomous sexual relations with men, to which this image

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