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First World War German Propaganda Postcard showing Victorious Soldiers Dancing Tango with Each Other in defeated London


Ray Batchelor writes:
“This image was downloaded from the timeline of the Instituto Argentino del Tango Facebook page.

I find this image interesting because, not only does it seem in comic form to prefigure the activities of Queer Tango London with the “Londoner Tango Club” having [albeit, uniformed soldiers, all men] same-sex couples dancing tango, those creating the postcard – which was presumably meant to encourage German Soldiers – judged that in, say 1914, the year after European “Tangomania” peaked, showing those soldiers wholly at ease dancing tango with one another might seem amusing, but not, apparently, threatening to their masculinities.

[15 01 2020] I have since written about such humour:

“When Gomez tangoed with Lurch: a queer tango perspective on “humorous” historical representations of men dancing tango with each other” Conference Paper · October 2017, Conference: Dance Studies Association Inaugural Conference: Transmissions and Traces, At The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA:

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