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Two German soldiers dancing – World War II

Gonzalo Collazo Fabbri writes: “Two German soldiers dancing, one in drag, to the pleasant music produced by an accordion/concertina – World War II http://eltrabajonoshacelibres.blogspot.com.uy/2011_12_01_archive.html Two German soldiers dancing to the strains of an accordion player – World War II http://www.ipernity.com/doc/57114/11051618 ” What do you belive the copyright status of this

Tango en el vivac del RI 1 Patricios

Gonzalo Collazo writes: “The vivac was a practice in the military service that consisted in building a camp and thus live a while, sometimes sleeping rough. Patricios is the Regiment of Buenos Aires city, was a destination for wealthier university soldiers in Palermo. Now it is a military centre without

1890s Soldados bailando en la fortaleza del cerro de Montevideo.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: 52 “Circa 1890 – 1905, Montevideo. Reservists or soldiers dancing tango on one side of the Fortress of the Cerro de Montevideo. Grisel Alassio Collection. When we founded the group Tango Queer Uruguay in 2010 we decided to find photos of old tango where at least appears