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Woman teaching tango to women, Paris, 1911

Ray Batchelor writes: This is a page of the Magazine “Femina” November 1911 reproduced on the website “Une Histoire du Tango” created by Dominique Lescarret and was originally published in the French magazine “Femina” in November 1911.   The text there reads: Premier article évoquant le Tango : 1er novembre

Silent Film of Sailors Dancing with each Other, Rio de Janiero,1922

Ray Batchelor writes: “Since this was originally posted, I have found another, shorter, 55 second clip on the Pathé Archive website http://www.britishpathe.com/video/jacks-the-dasant/query/sailors+dancing showing the same scene of dancing, the right way around and with a date – 1922 – and a title sequence which identifies the scene as follows: “Titles