“According to the text accompanying the clip on YouTube: “Catherine Deneuve with Linh Dan Pham, in Indochine (Oscar, Best Foreign Film, 1992) – a story that chronicles the separation between a wealthy French landowner (Catherine Deneuve) and her adopted daughter (Linh Dan Pham) which intertwines with France’s loss of Indochina itself (present day Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam)…

“Translation of what Deneuve says near the end of the clip:

"I would like to be alone with you ..
in the mountains .. in a chalet .. just like in the fairy tales"”

I am grateful to Miguel Kanai for posting this clip on The Queer Tango Conversation Facebook Group on 30th November 2016, where it provoked interesting discussions.

I do not know the wider context of the film or what leads up to this scene, but for me, the strange thing about this clip is that their dancing is so overtly choreographed, so unlikely in the social dance context where this is set. Why, I wonder? What is also noticeable is that in this case, the worst aspects of the conventional understanding of tango – that the leader (usually a man, here, a woman) is imposing their will on the follower – is shown, to the point of an apparent demand for sexual favours. It is painful to watch, and reinforced at the end when in stopping Linh Dan Pham, a man holds her in a tango embrace and imprisons her in the dance.”

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