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Poster for ‘La calesita’ Argentinian film in which men dance, 1963


Ray Batchelor writes:

I offer this poster because in the film, there is short sequence – the film is set in the past, the 1900s, perhaps – which shows an ‘organito’ (street organ) being played in the street, and two men then dancing, or practicing steps with each other in the street. The clip is on many websites, but also on YouTube: with the explantion:

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2010
Fragmento del Film "La Calesita", de Hugo del Carril (1963). Esta película dramatiza la poesía de Evaristo Carriego que consagra ciertos clichés del tango: "En la calle la buena gente derrocha sus guarangos decires más lisonjeros, porque al compás de un tango que es "La morocha" lucen ágiles cortes dos orilleros.
Which Google translate renders as:

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2010

Fragment of the Film "The Calesita" Hugo del Carril (1963). This film dramatizes the poetry of Evaristo Carriego enshrining certain clichés of tango: "In the street the good people squander their guarangos decires more flattering because the beat of a tango is" La morocha "cuts two orilleros agile look.”

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