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Film clip: Men Dancing Tango Together, Uruguay, 1928

This clip is taken from a longer film found on YouTube: …called “Inéditos ♯8”, that is, number eight in a series of similar films also posted on YouTube. Under this one it reads: “Published on Feb 4, 2014 Ciclo &”cineastas del domingo”: pelicula de cowboys, hecha sobre los años 50

1951 Tango en el tablado “La perla de Rocha”.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: “1951 Tango on the stage “La perla de Rocha” in the neighborhood La Comersial, Dr. Joaquin Requena between Nicaragua and Gral. Pagola, Montevideo. Uruguay. Courtesy of Daniel Menéndez. It shows a typical carnival activity. In Uruguay was traditional for many decades to build stages on the street

1890s Soldados bailando en la fortaleza del cerro de Montevideo.

Gonzalo Collazo writes: 52 “Circa 1890 – 1905, Montevideo. Reservists or soldiers dancing tango on one side of the Fortress of the Cerro de Montevideo. Grisel Alassio Collection. When we founded the group Tango Queer Uruguay in 2010 we decided to find photos of old tango where at least appears