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Sheet Music: Maurice Chevalier dancing tango with another man, Paris 1913


Ray Batchelor writes:
Cover of sheet music,  The Penultimate Tango or The Dingo Tango

L’avant dernier tango – The Penultimate Tango

A young (25?) Maurice Chevalier towers over and leads music hall and film star, Félicien Tramel, while Rollin – should that be Polin? Certainly the stage persona of Pierre-Paul Marsalès always included a hat and sometimes boots – is leading Fortugé, the stage name of Gabriel Fortuné. I take the biographies from this website:  …and I retell the story found here:  …that the whole is a spoof on a tango called Le Dernier Tango the lyrics of which are about poor Rita who, persuaded to dance with a stranger, is strangled by him.

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