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The dance of the closing of Lorea market. Detail. 1909.

  Ray Batchelor writes (15 01 2020): I urge you to enlarge this high quality image and look at it very carefully. It is a detail taken from this larger photograph, “El baile de clausura” which appeared in the popular Buenos Aires magazine Caras y Caretas (“Faces & Masks) in 1909.

1912 – Outdoor Paris Dance

Ray Batchelor writes: The title I have given this image is taken from the “Tangology” website: http://www.tangology101.com/main.cfm/title/Tango-History-in-Pictures/id/1165   I find this image interesting because it shows women same sex couples in public. I expect the identification of the location according to Tangology is accurate, although I have seen the same

Buenos Aires: Striking Railway Workers in 1912

Ray Batchelor writes [15 01 2020]: It may be striking railway workers in 1912, or it may not. The Archivo General de la Nación, hold this image in their archive. In 2013 they posted it on their Facebook Page: “Buenos Aires. Hombres bailando tango en el rio. 1904. Documento fotografico

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