Women couple(s)

Women dancing as a couple, La Vie Parisienne, an illustration by Armand Valleé, 1931


Ray Batchelor writes:
“The text underneath reads:

–    Regarde donc Freddy avec sa fiancée… Comme il la secoue  !
–    Oui, il pense à la corbeille de noces, et il fait déjà danse l’anse du panier
Which Google translate renders as:

–    Then see Freddy with his fiancee … As it shakes!
–    Yes, he thinks of the wedding basket, and he is already dancing the handle of the basket

A much reproduced image which – apart from intuiting which dance it is from the embrace and the attitude, is not expressly labelled as a ‘tango’. French visitrs to this website may be able to help with the oblique french. A Google image serach for ‘La Vie Parisienne’ reveals that its illustrations were often desinged to titilate (men), and this one appears to be no exception.”

What do you belive the copyright status of this image to be?
Ray Batchelor believes: “The image is out of copyright.”

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