Ray Batchelor writes:
“It is held by the Archivo General de la Nación Argentina. I found it on their Facebook page with this text: "Buenos Aires. Hombres bailando tango en el río. 1904 Documento Fotográfico. Inventario 22069" which translates as: "Buenos Aires. Men dancing tango in the river. 1904
Photo Paper. Inventory 22069"

I find it interesting that this image is one of several popular historical images of men dancing together which gets used to day [2015] to support the often repeated story – or myth – that men did so, to practice and so secure the favours of women. In this Pinterest post from Johan Dijkink, for example: “In the picture: Hombres bailando tango en el río, 1904 (Archivo General de la Nación Argentina) in Buenos Aires,street musicians were common; they played tango music, and men danced with men to get better…” https://www.pinterest.com/JohanDijkink/men-and-tango/”

What do you think the copyright status of this image is?
Ray Batchelor: “The image is out of copyright.”

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